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Social Media Marketing is a fast-growing online marketing venue. Over the past few years, social media marketing in Jupiter and across the nation has become so popular because it is a great way to network online. Businesses have a chance to not only introduce themselves to their specific audience, but they have the ability to become popular.

Facebook Marketing

Facebook is the most popular social media venue on the web. According to Zephoria, 1.49 billion people log into Facebook daily. This is a magical place where we can really gain supreme exposure. First, we need a Facebook Page for your company, a budget for advertising, a call to action of your choice (we will guide you), and company information to put on the page. You already have a page, we will utilize what you have and make sure it is up to par prior to doing any Facebook Ads and Social Media Marketing for your Jupiter business.

Twitter Marketing

Twitter for Business Marketing is often overlooked as a great source of potential new business. Twitter has so much functionality that a lot of business owners and even digital marketers don’t know about. Those Hashtags that are used so often by businesses are so valuable to companies that are new to Twitter marketing. Let 2JData show you how successful Twitter Ads and Social Media Marketing for your Jupiter business can be, because a lot of people overlook this amazing system.

Instagram Marketing

A lot of people haven’t even tried Instagram, but just like Twitter, Instagram is a gold mine for business marketing. Instagram is designed to work on mobile phones and tablets, but there are programs you can download to your computer that can post to Instagram as well. Those Hashtags we discussed with Twitter are also extremely valuable with Instagram. This is another venue that most companies overlook, but the use of Instagram Ads and Social Media Marketing for your Jupiter business can really create a fantastic following for your company.


Social Media Presence Today!

Companies like Johnson and Johnson have over half a million likes on their Facebook page.  This means they have a huge audience to share their new products with before you buy.  It isn’t hard to beef up your social media and start gaining recognition and it is the cheapest way to market your business.  Some professionals say that Social Media Marketing (SMM) can be more fruitful than Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for certain types of businesses.  The reason is that some businesses require a hefty following to sell advertising space to other businesses or perhaps have a venue to share the up and coming stuff that is happening on the web today.

The best way to do social media marketing is to start a account and post once.  This one post will then hit all the social sites that you ask it to hit.  Here at 2JData, we create all of your social media profiles (unless they are already created), and then we post regular updates with your help, hitting all of the biggest and smallest social media sites with just one venue.

This is one part of how we build up your social media, the other stuff is more technical, but we really take the time to ensure that you are seen by going to all the different venues and building up a strong and centralized following, meaning we look for followers in your area.  Every time we post, we want to make sure we have an audience or the post is just going nowhere and doing nothing.  There are so many ways to create the best Social Media Following and we will find the pulse of what works best for you and throw everything we have at it.  Take a moment to read about the different venues of Social Media that we focus on.


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