Computer Security


Types of Security

Computer security is critical in the prevention of digital disasters. Every day cybercriminals, hackers, and identity thieves find new ways to compromise computer systems. These threats are very real! Let 2JDATA help you stay protected with our computer security services for your Jupiter business.

Security Applications

The most important thing you can do is to install and maintain security software. For personal PCs, modern versions of Windows now come bundled with Windows Defender as a full Antivirus suite. Our Jupiter computer security team recommends our Managed Antivirus application as it runs on an industry-leading Antivirus and Internet Security application that surpasses Windows Defender’s limitations.


2JData makes security the cornerstone of the services provided.  The utilization of network firewalls and monitoring within Jupiter’s 2JData managed networks deters intrusion, malware and data theft.  Along with Firewall Security comes the added ability to lockout devices on the Network, limit internet traffic to harmful websites and enhanced endpoint security.

Network Security

Network security is the strategy and provisions for ensuring the security of your home or business assets and all network traffic within. While Anti-Virus and Firewall solutions do help a lot, there are always other things that hackers and cybercriminals are brewing on the internet that are difficult to detect. 2JDATA furthers your network security with our 24/7 Network Monitoring service in the Jupiter area to provide you with a hacking prevention system, traffic monitoring, and security patches as soon as they’re available.


2JData Monitors our Clients systems remotely using developed software installed on PC’s, Servers, and Networking devices.  This system gives up to date snap shots of device health including predictive hardware failures, Patch Requirements, System Update Needs, and includes Managed Anti-Virus.  Monitoring and Management helps 2JData keep a Finger on the Pulse of our Clients.

Threat Defense

In the Technological Age we live in, Threat Defense is paramount for all businesses.  2JData understands this and deploys managed Anti-Virus Products, Firewalls and Intrusion systems within the management of all Clients.  This allows 2JData to detect, stop and mitigate attacks to Businesses Systems keeping the integrity of their Data intact.


Services Keep You Safe Around The Clock

Today’s world relies heavily on information technology. As the internet becomes more accessible and with such a large variety of computerized devices being available to anybody throughout the world, anyone can be a cyber victim. At 2JDATA, we find all forms of computer security to be of utmost importance in order to safely get by with everyday computing while providing businesses (as well as their staff and customers) the level of privacy and security they require.


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