Trusted Surveillance Provider

Whether serving as a visual deterrent to crime or giving managers and security professionals the tools they need for dealing with liability claims, 2JDATA offers the most practical and cost-effective digital video surveillance solutions available. Keep an eye on your home with wireless security cameras or a complete home surveillance system.

Reduce Loss

  • Capture slips and falls or evaluates environments to prevent them from happening
  • Monitor parking lots for vandalism or loitering
  • Install door sensors to monitor product loss out back doors
  • Monitor dining room traffic to staff at effective levels

Increase Performance

  • Identify process improvement opportunities
  • Monitor drive-thrus for wait time or drive-offs
  • Monitor food prep areas to ensure quality standards met
  • Utilize POS to integrate transactional and video data
  • Monitor dining rooms for long lines, long wait times

Increase Profit

  • Reduce product shrink
  • Monitor employee productivity, breaks, and downtime
  • Reduce food giveaways by monitoring drive-thru windows
  • Verify cash handling procedures through POS video integration

Decrease Theft

  • Monitor for employee monitor theft
  • Evaluate questionable transactions at the point-of-sale
  • Monitor exteriors to prevent robberies
  • Monitor back door or warehouse product theft


Trusted Surveillance Provider

We provide full surveillance solutions including outdoor and indoor cameras, microphones, night-vision cameras, digital video recorders, wireless configurations, remote access, and more. Give us a call today at 561-744-DATA and we’ll have one of our technicians sent out to help you with your surveillance needs today!


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