Cloud Managed Network

We are proud to offer Cisco Meraki’s new products. Business networking has never been better! Our technicians are trained and certified Cisco Meraki installers and administrators so we can manage our clients’ business networks when in need. 2JDATA has been rapidly expanding our portfolio with large campus WiFi projects in private homes and businesses.


Setup is a breeze. The built-in automated services and installation features make it easy for beginners and advanced users alike.


Get consistent and stable connections over a wide area without having to worry about the connection randomly backing out on you.


Meraki makes it possible for small businesses to deploy a mesh sufficient to cover a geographic area and support a large number of users without a wireless networking guru.


Thanks to the enterprise-class features provided, it is easy for 2JDATA to administer the network for business with limited networking expertise.


2JDATA & Cisco Meraki?

Cisco Meraki provides us an easy way to deploy a secured, granularly managed AP for wireless clients to access a business network. Meraki’s online administration differentiates the product from competitor models and is worth every penny spent, especially if the network requires multiple access points. Meraki has done a far better job than the competition in integrating cloud capability in its products. Its Cloud Controller software allows administrators to manage multiple access points in a mesh network via a single interface.

Security Features Include:

  • Frequent Security Patches
  • Easy Remote Management
  • Cloud Solutions


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