If you are suddenly having some major issues with your computer, there is a chance you may have a virus.  Due to how often we depend on our computers to pay bills and communicate with friends and family, a virus is a big problem.  Viruses can cause your computer to respond slowly, blue screen unexpectedly, send off false emails, and delete media files that matter to you.  Before you contact a virus removal specialist here are the signs to look for that are a strong indication of a virus.

Before Contacting a Virus Removal Specialist

Your computer has slowed down

If the speed of your computer has slowed down and you are unable to open programs quickly, chances are you have a virus. The speed of the computer is usually the first sign of a virus. This is because a virus takes over a computer’s virtual memory.

Unable to Connect to the Internet

Often when a computer has a virus, it will set a proxy to your internet connection settings. This proxy will prevent you from connecting to the internet. It isn’t recommended to just shut these settings off without removing the issue. Having a professional virus removal can truly help save your computer’s hard drive from failing.

Continuous Pop-ups

No one likes pop-ups, but often times pop-ups are an indication of a virus threat. It is important to reach out to a professional if you are having many pop-ups while surfing the web.

Programs Won’t Open

If you are experiencing issues with opening programs on your computer, this could be a sign of a bigger issue. Most of the time the programs won’t open because they have a bad path to the program.

A virus doesn’t take long to destroy your files and programs. Don’t wait until it is too late to have a professional virus removal specialist take a look at your computer. If your computer is being slow, not responding quickly when you click on things, programs aren’t opening properly, or if you feel that something is just not right, call a professional.

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