2JDATA understands that businesses should be able to focus on their profit centers and not waste valuable time and resources on monitoring computer systems and fixing failures. This is why 2JDATA has developed a custom Monitoring and Support software that proactively monitors systems for critical health information and reports back to the 2JDATA monitoring center.

Our monitoring agent software runs very quietly in the background of your computers and servers. It performs routine system checks on your systems much like a virus scanner. If everything is secure, no action is taken. If a problem is detected, it sends a small report to our secure monitoring servers and notifies out monitoring technicians of a problem. Our trained technician will review the alarm and take necessary action. If needed, we will notify you of a potential problem or soon to be problem and resolve it for you.

Absolutely! 2JDATA values our customers privacy. Our monitoring agent only checks on items that are necessary for system health and protection. We do not monitor activity on your computer, nor can we gather any of your personal information or system files. Our technicians will contact you if we need to access your computer or server to fix a problem. With your permission we will use remote support tools to correct any problems or alarms that are discovered.

Do you have an active and up to date virus scanner? Did your backup software run properly yesterday? Are there any critical events in your system logs? Are your hard drives filling up? Are any of your computers showing you messages that you do not understand? Relax, 2JDATA has you hooked up. Let us worry about this stuff for you. We specifically customize this software for each individual client to best suit their business needs.

Most computers have some sort of virus protection, but anti-virus software is not always enough to protect your machine. Virus Scanners only check your system for viruses and hopefully prevent them. The 2JDATA monitoring agent not only monitors your machines health, but it also includes an industry leading virus scanner engine that is packaged with it. Did you know that all virus protection software need to receive multiple virus definition updates daily in order to work properly and remain current? With the managed virus software and monitoring agent combined, we make sure it is always up to date and we are also notified in the event of an alert. With our monitoring agent, there is no need to pay for expensive virus scanners. It is all included!


When you’re signed up with our 24/7 Monitoring service, you also get a lot of benefits! Greater discounts, highest support priority, waived service call fees, and more. You will find that computer systems that are monitored and maintained by 2JDATA will last longer, run smoother and have less costly failures and problems. Don’t take our word for it, visit our clients page to see what companies value and trust 2JDATA to monitor and maintain their computer systems.

In addition to great customer benefits, monitoring clients will receive a client daily report of all your machines under monitoring in one simple to read email. In 10 seconds you can scan our color coded report and have piece of mind that everything is good to go. Green checks are good, and red alerts are bad. Also a customized internet dashboard where you can see real-time reporting data from your computer systems and even take control of them yourself remotely if necessary.

Monitoring Service Plans

See how we can customize our monitoring agent for you.


Starting at $9.95/mo per device
$9.95 per Month

 Hacking Prevention

Daily System Health Check

Windows Security Patches

Hands-Free Remote Support

Priority Support Access

Weekly Email Summaries

5GB Online Backup Storage

Up to 25% Service Discount


Starting at $9.95/mo per device
$9.95 per Month

For iOS and Android Devices

Device Anti-Theft System

Device Tracking

Remote Lock / Wipe / Reset

PIN Control & Configuration

Hacking Prevention

Daily System Health Check

Weekly Summary Email

Priority Support Access

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