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Why you would want surveillance and why 2JDATA

Whether serving as a visual deterrent to crime or giving managers and security professionals the tools they need for dealing with liability claims, 2JDATA offers the most practical and cost-effective digital video surveillance solutions available. Keep an eye on your home with wireless security cameras or a complete home surveillance system. You can even monitor your home and yard remotely with select surveillance cameras that work with your smartphone.


  • Capture slips and falls or evaluate environments to prevent them from happening
  • Monitor parking lots for vandalism or loitering
  • Install door sensors to monitor product loss out back doors
  • Monitor dining room traffic to staff at effective levels


  • Reduce product shrink
  • Monitor employee productivity, breaks and downtime
  • Reduce food giveaways by monitoring drive thru windows
  • Verify cash handling procedures through POS video integration


  • Identify process improvement opportunities
  • Monitor drive thrus for wait time or drive-offs
  • Monitor food prep areas to ensure quality standards met
  • Utilize POS to integrate transactional and video data
  • Monitor dining rooms for long lines, long wait times


  • Monitor for employee monitor theft
  • Evaluate questionable transactions at point of sale
  • Monitor exteriors to prevent robberies
  • Monitor back door or warehouse product theft

We provide full surveillance solutions including outdoor and indoor cameras, microphones, night-vision cameras, digital video recorders, wireless configurations, remote access and more. With our surveillance equipment starting at $60 and systems starting at $600, you can’t go wrong. Give us a call today at 561-744-DATA and we’ll have one of our technicians sent out to help you with your surveillance needs today! You may also visit our 2J Security to view and purchase some of the products we have to offer.

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