Site Analysis

The process of site analysis is perhaps the most important part of developing a website and a future Search Engine Optimization (SEO) campaign.  The reason for this is because as we analyze the content on the website, we can make suggestions to serve your sites needs better.  Site Analysis is the preliminary process used to find all the errors, warnings and issues that the site have so they can be improved for both marketing and aesthetic purposes.  2JDatas’ team of marketing and web design gurus will find the issues and inconsistencies with the website using a tool that shows issues that could be causing the website to not work properly or to not market at its optimal performance.

To get started with 2JData’s site analysis program, call our office at 561-744-DATA.  All new websites will come with site analysis to provide us with an idea of marketing needs as well as web design issues that could eventually cause a problem in the future.  If you have an existing website that you are looking to have Search Engine Optimization or just fix existing issues, 2JData can help.  Whatever you site analysis needs are, 2JData can help.

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