SEO: The Art of Digital Marketing

What is SEO? Why do I need to do this for my website?  A lot of business owners have heard of SEO or Search engine optimization, digital marketing or website marketing, but they have no idea what it is and why they need it.  SEO is the art of building revenue off of your website using a slew of different techniques to make your website produce even more sales than just print advertising or word-of-mouth.  At 2JData, we custom craft each and every SEO campaign to make it work for the type of business you own.  No two businesses have the same technique, because SEO is so diverse.  When you come to 2JData to inquire about SEO, our team of digital marketing specialists take the time to do our research, figuring out who are your highest competitors and what are they doing to build their SEO, what keywords are valuable to your company and what is the best plan of attack to promote the website and see a return on investment as quickly as possible.  SEO really is an art of it’s own, and requires careful attention to detail, strategic planning, a solid understanding of the industry in which you are marketing, relevant and interesting blog posts to add continuously changing content on the website and regular reports on the progress of the campaign.  2JData has a fantastic system of creating these custom plans to maximize the exposure and strength of the SEO campaign, and we make it our priority to be in constant contact with the business owner about what is being done and what is and isn’t working.  When you entrust your digital marketing campaign to 2JData, we not only work hard to produce results, but we offer excellent feedback, support and dedication to each and every client we work with.

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The Process of Starting an Online Marketing Campaign

Once you have made the big decision to invest in online marketing, 2JData will setup either a meeting or conference call to go over your company, competitors, industry, budget, goals and a plan of execution.  This is the beginning process of getting your business on the road to a successful and productive digital marketing campaign.  During this meeting, you can expect to learn about all the different types of digital marketing approaches 2JData offers.  For example, Lead generation, Local SEO, National SEO, International SEO, Pay Per Click advertising, retargeting, landing pages and more.  There are several ways to create a successful campaign and 2JData has some of the best SEO and digital marketing specialists available to create your custom crafted campaign.

At the beginning of every SEO campaign, there is about a 3 to 6 month period of making adjustments to find the best combination of marketing to maximize the progress and performance of the campaign as well as making sure we are meeting your budgetary needs.  There are never any guarantees to how a campaign will perform, but the more money you invest back into your campaign, the faster you can see a return on investment.  Every industry is different and some industries have better and faster returns than others, so being patient and letting the magic happen is paramount to a successful SEO campaign. It is our sole priority to ensure that you see success and we will do everything we can to find the perfect marketing method for your business.

The best way to have a successful SEO Campaign is to delegate a person within your business that is both an expert on your products and/or services and has the time and ability to provide requested information, content, or media files as quickly as possible.  During a typical SEO campaign, there are times when 2JData will depend on you for assistance in ensuring we are representing your company in the most accurate way.  As the campaign grows, we often ask for some additional content to blog about, new images to share, possibly videos that can help the visual audience to learn more about who you are and sometimes we may ask for your permission to make some content changes to your web pages on your website.   Almost all of your campaign is handled with little to no need for content or information but when we request any sort of information, it is pertinent that you take the time to provide that information in a timely fashion so that your campaign isn’t ever in a holding pattern.

It is important to understand that if your business is struggling and you are depending on SEO to fix it, we do not recommend that at all.  Campaigns can start showing progress within a month and sometimes up to six months, so we make sure from our initial meeting that you are both prepared to make the investment and willing and able to be patient as the SEO campaign takes flight.  Traditionally the average time is 3 months to really see some active results in a campaign but it can take a little longer for your campaign to start seeing consistent flows of unique visitors.  A good rule of thumb is to remember that people don’t always purchase from a website the first time they visit.  Sometimes they need to see the website multiple times before they decide to make a purchase or call for service.  This is the reason that making the investment and being patient with your SEO Campaign is because it puts your website in front of the customer as often as possible until they decide to buy, which is why an SEO Campaign becomes so successful overtime.  If your expectation is that you will pay and results will be immediate, then you are not looking at the right service.  Perhaps Pay Per Click advertising or social media marketing (SMM) might be more suitable in that situation, but even with those two options, there is no fast way to produce immediate results.  If your plan is to start receiving more sales coming from your website, than take the time to come by the 2JData office or schedule a conference call to learn more about the different options available.  We have a proven track record of successful SEO Campaigns and our clients constantly tell us how impressed they are with the results they are seeing.  We understand that making an investment in your online marketing is not an easy decision, but perhaps if you come talk to our specialists you will feel comfortable and ready to take the next step in promoting your website.

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