2JData has a dedicated team of experienced IT specialists to compliment existing services by providing onsite and remote support covering various IT tasks related to disaster recovery and installation services and much more. We’ve been providing superior onsite technical support on short and long term basis since 2008. Since then we’ve gained a large number of clients in a variety of fields spanning through several major markets, we’ve accumulated an invaluable technical knowledge base, developed industry methodologies and best practices. Drop us a line or give us a call and let us know what you need, we’ll be there!

Do you need us to send someone to pick-up or drop-off your device(s)? Do you need us to install it back up for you? We cover this with our onsite service rates. Give us a call and let us know what you need and we’ll schedule a day and time for one of our technicians to make way to your area. We also provide delivery via shipping through UPS or FedEx (extra charges apply) should you need it.

2JDATA technicians are trained, certified and well equipped to perform computer service and repairs at your location. Give us a call and we’ll schedule to have one of our onsite technicians at your location when you’re available.

We understand how complicated and messy it may be to setup a network. 2JDATA strives to be organized when it comes to setting up and arranging equipments and wiring for you. 2JDATA has certified technicians to properly wire up your private residence or business offices for optimal network connectivity.

Our Universal Remote Support software, also known as 2J Connect, is our own customized software that works on any operating system on any major device that has an internet connection, computers and phones included. If you have a device signed up under our 24/7 Monitoring service, you already have one of our applications installed and ready to go. If you aren’t under our 24/7 Monitoring service, give us a call when you run into a problem and we’ll walk you through a very simple process so we can get started with providing you remote support as quickly as possible.

For onsite services the travel fees are $25 between Tequesta and Palm Beach Gardens which is waived for Monitoring and Maintenance clients only. $45 North and South of those locations regardless of 2JData Membership. Onsite services start at $125/hr and emergency rates start at $150/hr. Onsite rates are calculated at 1 hour increments and our remote services are calculated in 30 minute increments. Our remote services are $95/hr. If you are on our 24/7 Monitoring service, you can qualify for up to a 20% discount on our onsite and remote service rates. For more information on our 24/7 Monitoring service or for Computer Service & Repair at our office, please visit their respective pages.

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