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The ecommerce industry is booming with online sales with sales reaching $1.7 Trillion globally for the year 2015. Business owners are seeing soaring online sales as a way to avoid having to pay costly brick and mortar charges.  Ecommerce is the fastest way to create a stream of easy and endless sales.  Coupling an ecommerce website with a great marketing plan is the best way to go about selling products online.  By opening an online store with an ecommerce website, and purchasing a strong marketing plan, can easily increase your sales by nearly 25%.  So what are you waiting for?

The Process of Ecommerce

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ecommerce website

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Selling Products off your Website

2JDatas’ team of professional web designers can create the most spectacular online experience for your customers with WordPress and Woocommerce.  Woocommerce is a robust shopping cart plugin that connects to WordPress in order to offer online sales.  The Woocommerce plugin has a giant collection of extensions such as POS syncing extensions and multiple merchant service plugins from PayPal to  The reason we use this powerful duo is because it is the most documented and safe system for created online shopping experiences.  There is much you can’t do with this easy to use system.  In edition to being very simple to use for your customers, it makes reports, custom emailing and refunds easy as well.  Take a peak at the following screen shots to see how helpful and efficient the plugin truly is.

There are also many other ecommerce shopping carts that can be used, including Magento, Shopify, Zen Cart and many more.  Woocommerce and WordPress are simple to use and the simple set up costs you nothing. You can also buy a slew of plugins that make woocommerce even more adaptable to your needs.

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